Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Garbage Trucks

I am sure only Bangaloreans will be able to relate to this post, if anyone of you should be reading this.

Its been quite sometime since something has pissed me off. More than 3 days or so. Actually, things have pissed me off over the last three days, but not to the extent that i'd take time off to blog about them.

But today, I was treated to some good old school Bangalore flavour.

Bangalore seems to be the only city that has garbage trucks. Atleast the types that have open trucks covered with blue tarpolin sheets and riding all over the fucking city collecting garbage. I mean, how fucking stupid. I just dont get these trucks. I dont see a reason why they cant be covered and just loaded by from the back, like it happens everywhere else in the world.

I remember when iwas studying in a mull college near Diary Circle, I had to travel on Hosur Road almost everyday for 3 years. Every morning at 8:00 am, twelve yellow BCC garbage trucks would travel on that road leaving a trail of dirty water that had such a bad stench, you wish you were never born. When i got on that road every morning at 8:45 for instance, there was almost certainly a jam waiting for me. Not only did I have to contend with the fact that I was going to be late for class, I also had to put up with the fucking smell, which was unbearable btw.

I had two options
1. Drop out of college
2. Take another road

I choose neither for reasons best known to me and I was fucking screwed man. I hated it. Today on the way to work, I was reminded of those days. When you see a fucking trail of water and the air suddenly begins to smell like rotten eggs mixed with hing, its indicative enough for you to choose another road, no matter how late you arrive at your destination. Trust me. Its only for the better.

And to make matter worse, i didnt take another road cause I was already late. Litte further ahead on the same road near BTM Layout, the fucking truck is in front of me. I bundled the courage to overtake him, just then it happened. Some garbage came flying at me from the freaking truck. Luckily it left no stains or smells and just fell off. But I felt disgusted.

I rushed to work, washed myself up and only then begun the day.

I hate these fucking bastard BCC Garbage Trucks. They fucking piss me off. Alice, another thing for you to write to Mr. Singh about. And Ms. Peris, for once, I think the city sucks too.


silverine said...

air suddenly begins to smell like rotten eggs mixed with hing

That was classic LOL
I am beginning to enjoy visiting your blog, cos I empathise with the stuff that pissses you off. Have you seen them garbage trucks strewing garbage all over the city on the way to the dumpyard? And here's another piece of info. They go and dump these garbage near lakes, set them on fire and leave. The need of the hour is to stop generating so much garbage...dunno how we will do it but any suggestions welcome and will be followed by me.

ps: the ad agency bit, def I will holler for your services. Thanks for your comments :)

pps: wondering what I am doing at this unearthly hour on a holiday? The Ganesha pooja pandal started blasting Tamil film songs from 6 am. Now that is another thing that pisses me off grrrrr

Penny Lane said...

How about the menace of water tankers? They must surely kill at least one person every day!

Alice said...

Speaking of water tankers- I wonder if there's any water even left in those darn contraptions by the time they arrive at their location!! They water the WHOLE city... leave a nice trail behind them.. Some kinda Hansel and Gretel (leaving trail of bread-crumbs) thing going on...

*makes mental note to include these things in her letter*

Pink said...

Ya garbage trucks stink.. and most of them ply on the road that takes me home and if I'm stuck behind one, I HAVE to overtake it .. the smell is unbearable.

Rat said...

What are you saying ? Madras has TONS of garbage trucks.

Dr. Pissed said...

you guys are the rocks!!
(again spellings intended)

PS: We'll setup a production house instead and just laze around all day. What say?
PSS: http://doctorpissed.blogspot.com/2005/03/devotional-songs.html

PennyLane, dont get me wrong, but I kinda like riding behind those water tankers. Especically when its really hot. I like it when a little water keeps sprinking on my face. But hate it when I get drenched behind them..

Alice, keep writing to Mr. Singh. Someday, I say, someday!

Lavi, I empathise dude, I do.

Dr. Pissed said...

ayoo, rat, your in Madras eh? Crap!
I was putting scam for Mainland China-Bangalore grub all this while

Anyways, I guess all Indian cities suffer from the dreaded garbage truck menace

You and I commented at the same time, thats why seperate message for you!!! :)

Finch, Scout said...

you say trucks are annoying?

bastards who dont have mud guards must be hung.

or made to sleep, face down, in grimy water that they soo happily splash!

:-D i'll write on that!

joe said...

yeah scout...me in agreement with ye.... they ought ta be kicked in da arse for it...... and also sue da bike company for not extending da mudguard... event mittus bike needs a mudguard...... ;-)