Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Damm Covers!

I dont know who invented these fucking covers and I dont get why in this world they are so hard to open. Not all the time, but at times atleast. I mean, all these fucking covers that are used to vaccum seal something are always difficult to open. Some just open easily. Like you hold it near the crease with both hands and just burst it open, but others can be a bitch.

Especially, those small candy wrappers. They can be such a piss off. First of all, you try to do it the conventional burst open technique.

You fail.

Then you bite into the wrapper and tear a little piece off. That pisses you off a little cause your tooth hurts and it gives you a vague feeling when you bite, atleast for 10 minutes.

Anyways, then you try and hold the small opening that you've created with two or more fingers and try tearing open the wrapper and somehow at the end of it all, you know that you've lost and the fucking wrapper has won and that the candy won't taste as good as it would have but for all those problems opening the fucking wrapper in the first place.

I vouch to all the companies who are into the food/snacks industry to pack all their products in like easy to open zip-slide pouches. But then again, I'd miss popping the Mentos packets. So everyone other than the Mentos folk, get better wrappers. The ones you guys have right now piss me off.


Broken Verses said...

you're TAGGED!!!

non-rapping dalda said...

bloody covers. btw, when i tried openin then with my teeth, it gave away easily and my mouth dint hurt. its a simple technique called brushing your teeth everyday. u try that and your teeth would be stronger, u bloody cavity.

Penny Lane said...

Fuck I'm sooooo bad at opening chip packets. And once you bite it to open it, sometimes that fucks it up some more!

dee iyer said...

i dont seem to have a problem with any of these things.
Been a long time , thought i'd drop in and say hey.

Blog URL's changed : . But then again when you click on the name it goes there.. hope my stupidity didnt piss you off. Have a good one .

Ben Dover said...

@ Dalda

You obviously dont know Dr. Pissed personally, I do. If you want to see why he cant open chips packets with his teeth click here to see a picture of him.

Those of you who want to maintain Dr. Pissed's anonymity ignore the link please.

Dr. Pissed said...

Fuck you wally chooth face, ho face!!
I am disabling Anon Comments!
Now everyone's going to know what I look like you katthe..

BrokenVerses: you're TAGGED too! But your many other things as well..

non-rapping dalda: as always, go suck your thumb or something

Ms. Lane: Oh yeah, such a piss off that too..

Ms. Iyer: Your gifted!

Wally said...

Wasnt me ... *chuckle*

silverine said...

Well..I take my bike key and puncture the damn packet...thats my way of dealing with the stubborn packets.

Alice said...

I feel the perosn who invented scissors is pained beyond compare right now...

dr dalda said...

@wallie: nice 1. so hez not anonymous anymore. i pictured him in my visions and he looks somewhat similar. my psychic powers are gettin stronger by the minute. btw, he was mentionin abt some long hair of his. wonder where he had his mind on? :s

@pissy boi: is sucking a thumb a new feitish of yours? working too late in the office?

Pink said...

Yes Dr., please use a pair of scissiors and save yourself the agony!

dee iyer said...

I am ... gifted... and I know.

you wouldnt want to be invited to the PSA party. A party that was a tribute to the Public Speaking Assn that I headed in college for two years ..
gifted.. I am ....

Meghna said...

I feel your pain.. i usually use the tip of my pen/pencil (whatever is handy). I hate it when people use their teeth!!

Oh yeah, all prayers do not seem to reach. There have been times I have felt real helpless despite praying

Dr. Pissed said...

Silverine: Oh yeah, the bike key method works for me too. But it pisses me off that those fucking packets are that stubborn.

alice: heh, dont tell me you want me to go all the way down and pick up the scissors to open the fucking packet. Isint the need of the hour easier methods to open packets or simpler packaging?

dr. dalda doesnt deserve my reply!

lavi: it aint that simple dude. Trust me, the bean bags just too comfy!

Ms. Iyer: nerd! Tee hee.. PSA anthe..

Meghna: tried and tested method. And about the prayers bit, I know excatly what you mean and that can be a piss off too..

The Dalda said...

y cant i deserve a reply. i need to know. this is outrageous. help police police.