Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nitwit Marty!

I've been awfully happy lately. Nothing's pissed me off for over a day. Infact, nothing pissed me off today as well. I went to work, got back early, spoke to my folks, played with the new pups at home, ate dinner and then came up to the living room to watch some television while eating food and then it HAPPENED.

With the lack of entertainment on television these days, I've stopped eating dinner at home. Before it used to be so much fun. Lots of things to watch while eating dinner on Star World and all. Now only faggy serials that make absolutely no sense. Not that The Practice wasnt good or anything, but I am talking about the general situation of the content on television. Only Monday nights are ok ok.. All the other days just suck. Even Apprentice is over now. Bahh.. I cant wait for the Amazing Race though. Anyways, chuck all that. I'll diss the shows on tv some other day. For today though, there was something even worse.

So there I was in the living room and The Practice gets over and a show called Rockstar INXS started playing. Now, I goto be honest. Never really liked their music. Wasnt a fan at all. But I thought hell, its a show on rock music. How could that go wrong nah? So I tuned in and got comfy. The first guy to sing did a decent job covering "Bohemian Rhapsody" I thought. Right after he was done, I went down, left my plate, washed my hands and came back running upstairs to watch the show and boy was I in for a suprise or what..

Some dude called Marty Casey who looks like a total faggot is fucking up one of my most fav songs of all time. He's doing his own version of Wish You Were Here and it sucks. I mean what the fuck dude, if your going to fucking cover the song, atleast do it right. Dont fucking change it cause you want to. Dont cover it at all. Fucking mother fucking twit. He has the nerve to give full attitude while singing the song and all and he kept giving those basketball looks to the audience. Fuck, I hate it when people do that. I cant explain what the basketball look is if you guys dont play basketball. Its basically a look you give to the other players in your team and the other team when you get a basket and feel all super cool and all cause you know everyone is looking at you.. Oh does that piss me off or what..

Anyways, I have nothing more to say.. I just hate the mother fucker. He spoilt it for me :(

I am going to sing a line for myself from the song like the way its meant to be sung. Like the way I sang it for non-comp acoustic music in my first year of college.

"How I wish, how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year
Running over the same old grounds
What have we found
The same old fears
Wish you were here"



Archrival said...

Poor Syd Barrett....what must he be thinking?
Go find him and thulp him what else hehe.
Btw how was your non-comp version hehe did you ever think of that?

Dr. Pissed said...

i did it just the way dave gilmour would have liked it.

Squared said...

I was unfortunate to catch glimpses of that show. Actually, I was just doing channel-surfing, heard Wish you were here, and stopped, and then puked. That guy was a faggot.

I just wish he wasnt there.

silverine said...

Thank god I missed it....actually our Hindi guys are better at remixes than these white men.

Yeah me too miss the good old soaps on Star World. Its been a long time I sat infront of the TV.

dr.pissed said...

wheres dalda? I miss him ...

Dalda I LOVE YOU !!! :-X

tha dalda said...

covers are basically representing the song u know to play in your style. wats the point of playing it like the original. u can as well stay at home and listen to winamp. covers are different versions of the song. so if u cant understand that, then quit on music. go listen to backstreet bois r some1 who would have released their platinum album after their 1st album. faggy chooth.

p.s. y did i leave this comment? no idea, just wanted to piss u off even more.

ladyparadox said...

what has happened to television? its an international conspiracy to stop the youth from watching anything that is remotely intelligent. the world is being taken over by aunties and uncles! bahh! ok... now is the time everyone runs around flailing their arms and squawking like headless chickens.

Rat said...

I thought he was better than that JD guy. But im saying this because ive watched the previous shows and not just from last nights performance.

Archster said...

Hey! i no longer have to step into my balcony screaming muffled obscentities at the end of a bad day. I just need to come here and be happy that i am not alone. :)

The practise was pretty good. Cant wait for Boston Legal to start.

Anonymous said...

fucking sad bastard...effects of catcher in the rye havent worn off yet? doctor pissed. quit the fucked up attempt at being holden. you suck at that apart from a whole host of shit including your fucked up "edits"

Wally said...

Wow!! Looks like you have a fan ...

Archrival said...

Then I think if you listen to it again,that might serve the purpose of pissing you off hehehe.Talking about your non-comp :)

jax said...

What kind of nitwit wants to screw up "Wish you were here"??? We ought to make wind chimes out of his genitals!!

Bluefrogtribute said...

You Anonymous Fucker let the man speak da.If u have balls leave ure name atleast. Fucking Prick why do u watch that panzy show inxs for which they stopped showing arrested development. First of name two good inxs albums apart from kick(Dont say greatest hits 1 and 2. Name one person who could sing on that show though so. One reason to watch the show Brooke burke. i watched it to a get a glimpse of her underwear. You watched it to get a glimpse of marty casseys.Inxs should shut up and live of their royalty and not make more crappy music. irritate us and hog prime time television. Dave navarro is a faggot he looks like someone from johson market.The house band was way tighter and better than Inxs itself. Why did the men on that show cry so much every episodeThe final episode sucked. Here is some great talent

Marty Casseys own comp lyrics(Trees)
U and me
up in the tree
u and i
up in the sky

lets get lost
in the forest.

Lovely isnt it .DAlda writes better stuff So shut ure face
in the tree.

Bluefrogtribute said...

Oh sorry Mr.Anonymous i though u were talkin about that faggot show Inxs did not realise u were talking about some Dumb ass Big book even worse u panzy. U are actually sitting here and complaining about some Book which has 300 pages and small print which gives a stupid fucker like u unlimited access to confuse idiots like me. With all the big and Fancy word like Holden. What the fuck u so Smart with ure fancy Words u forgot to leave ure name.Not so smart now huh. I tell u what i am going to use ure fav book catcher of the eye or watever as toilet paper. So that the effect will never wear off. Nex time leave ure name

Spaced out! said...

If it helps, the fucking mother fucking twit lost, to this other fucking twit, way worse than Marty Casey! This other dude gives all te chicks in the audience i'm-too-sexy-for-my-shirt looks...basically, thank your stars you didn't wait to watch it get worse... :D I feel your pain...