Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Small Things in Life

OMG, you guys are not going to believe me, but you have no idea how much grief that small little metal piece gave me today.

I was born a biker. Always loved the bike over the car. Never intended to own a car and never will either. Having said that, its obvious that if anything pisses me off about biking, its goto be those god damm fucking punctures (if thats how its spelt)

Everytime I decide to get to work on time to please my boss, its almost certain that I'll have a puncture in my tire. Dont ask me why, but its always like that. I get ready to go to work and rush to the garage, take my bike off the center stand and suddenly feel no air in the back tire and look down only to notice that the fucking tube is punctured.

Seriously, why the fuck cant they invent some tires that'll help get rid of this crap. I cant take it anymore. I was delayed by more than an hour thanks to the fucking puncture. This is the 3rd puncture in this month alone and all the 3 punctures have been caused by fucking metal objects like the metal piece you guys see in the image. Nails and other sharp objects contribute at other times to my misery.

I dont understand why in this world someone would just throw nails on the road. What kind of sadistic pleasures would one derive from causing me misery? I dont get it. I've done no wrong to nobody. I've not called anyone names. Sure, I've sung many a song loudly on the bike with actions, but that's no harm done to anyone. Then why the fuck do they goto do this to me..

I actually saved that fucking small little piece to click a photograph and put it up here. It was so small that the puncture shop guy even told me that he'll charge me just 2 bucks instead of the regular 15 cause of the size of the fucking piece that caused the puncture. And then he just laughed.

Once you figure out you have a puncture, your basically screwed. First you goto push your bike to the puncture shop. You cant ride it there cause then you'd risk causing more damage to the neck of the tube thus in turn getting you to spend 120 bucks for a new tube. So you push the bike, in the hot morning sun and you get all sweaty and stuff although you've taken a bath just some 20 mins ago. Then you've goto stand next to your bike and help the puncture dude dismantle you tire by bending the bike towards one side so its easier for him to pull the back wheel off the axle. Then, when he's fixing the tube, you've goto stand there next to him and grumble about the time and how you want him to speed things up although you know for a fact that it'd take that much time either ways for him to fix it. Then he gets pissed off. He does a shabby job. Just pretends like he's looking for a nail in the tube and doesnt really remove it. Just removes a part of it so that you'll have another puncture later that day and the saga continues..

What a piss off I tell ya .. what a fucking piss off.
I hate punctures. I need steel radials for my bike! MRF are you fuckers listening?


Rat said...

What bike do you have Dr.pissed ?

Dr. Pissed said...

funny you should ask..
I have the most crappiest of bikes right now, but have already booked the Thunderbird. I ride a Splendor as of today cause of the distance that I need to travel everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hey I thought it was one unique rant a day!?


- Waleed

By the way, the picture is outta focus ... again ... some pro photographer you are ... ..

Angel said...

These puncture can never spell 'puncture', nah? have u noticed?
It's always 'puncher' pancher' or some such!

Dr. Pissed said...

Wally you piss of shit. Like I can have only one puncture all my life? The fucking puncture pissed me off and I wanted to remind myself of it.
Quit with the nagging biatch.. hehe

Angel, heh .. Shine Boards!

dee iyer said...

i know the beatles are nice. thats why i listen to them.

dr dalda said...

heh, if u notice, all the punkturess are caused when too much weight is on the bike when u pass over metal objects. i have run over metal pieces, broken glass and lil dogs and still have not got any punctures. its all ur rubbish fault. dont blame the tyres r the metal piece. wannabe. shed some weight and cut a few limbs off.

beatles, still my guitar gently weeps. :(

Broken Verses said...

I just so very agree with Dr. dalda there!


Penny Lane said...

Ah, bike and car punctures... the irritations of a past life...

Now I only have to deal with tram breakdowns and the elements in all their glory and people stuffed together like sardines during rush hour...

silverine said...

You just outlined many of my miseries with a puncture, especially the sweaty push to the 'panjaar shaap' :(

joe said...

dr.pissed , my most sincere suggestion is that its high time u changed your tyres.....forget the treads youve worn out the tubes too..... no wonder u have punctures......and yes they ve got puncture resistant tyres but u seem obliviuos about it....anyways hope you work on the tips and be puncture free for some time.... but then you cant cuss,swearand blog about decide

Dr. Pissed said...

yes I can joe ho!!
I am the lizard king, I can do anything