Friday, February 25, 2005

Lady Drivers

The noun lady has 2 meanings:
Meaning #1: a polite name for any woman
Meaning #2: a woman of refinement

driv·er (drī'vər) n.
One that drives, as the operator of a motor vehicle.

meanings derived from

I don't hate all women drivers and not all of them really piss me off. But I must confess, out of the entire population of lady drivers, nearly 91% of them manage to piss me off, and if they haven't done that already, I am sure they will manage to do so in the near future, if and when I should pass them while they are driving on the streets of Bangalore.

Not to be rude or anything and with the utmost risk of sounding chauvinistic, women folk aren't meant to drive a motor vehicle. I mean they just manage to cause a ruckus everytime they take to driving. Today, out of nowhere, a lady driver manages to back her car up into a main road without any consideration for any of the people on the road. I mean, this road that she's backing up onto is a pretty busy road, if I may say so. Now, if we men were to back up onto a busy road, we'd look, honk, wait, honk again, wait till we get enough room to back up onto and then reverse right? Women don't comprehend all this. They just simply sit their fat asses down in their comfy bucket seats and pull out onto the main road. We nearly missed hitting her today and causing a huge pile up of cars must we have bumped into her.

This is not the first time a lady driver has pissed me off. When on my bike, I've noticed so many of them do such stupid things. Like for instance, they just cut lanes without even their knowledge cause they are too busy putting on fucking makeup. Stop driving all you bad women drivers. Stay at home and cook instead. You guys just piss me off. Let alone me, you piss everyone else off as well. I am sure!

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a bloody good woman driver said...

oink to you, you fuckin pig!sad bloody neanderthal.