Thursday, February 24, 2005


  1. Saliva, especially when expectorated; spittle.
  2. The act of expectorating.
  3. Something, such as the frothy secretion of spittle bugs, that resembles spit.
  4. A brief, scattered rainfall or snowfall.
  5. Informal. The perfect likeness: He's the spit and image of his father.

v., spat (spăt) or spit, spit·ting, spits.

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Spitting is ok, as long as your doing it in a controlled environment or an environment where you have total control over. Its wrong if you do it while riding in public transport, a car, a bike or any moving object. I mean what the fuck ..

Here you are, riding on your bike all nice and happy after a good breakfast at home wearning nice and clean clothes in the bright summer morning, when suddenly you have to overtake a stupid BMTC bus from the right. Now, how in this world are you supposed to know that some mother fucker of a person is sitting himself by a window with a mouthful of "spit" waiting to hurl it out the window at great velocity without any consideration for me or the likes of me, other unwarned motorists with no clue what to expect while overtaking a BMTC bus from the right.

So, suddenly, out comes this huge chunck (dont know if you can call it chunck, but I am going to anyways) of sloppy saliva all collected from the previous day I assume which lands right on ur shirt and then begins a downward journey to leave a trail and a mark of that mother fucking man/woman on my body.

Paan residues that are often spat out are worse, but I hate people who spit. They just piss me off. MOTHER FUCKERS!!!

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Sameer said...

Lesson number one: To all those who spit indiscriminately on the roads, pavements, anywhere, please pause for a second, try to locate a toilet somewhere and finish your business there. Nice one again, Mithun...