Thursday, February 17, 2005

Traffic Jams

"Traffic congestion
occurs when the volume of traffic on a roadway is high enough to be detrimental to its performance. In congested conditions, vehicles speeds are reduced increasing drive times. These conditions are also more taxing for drivers, and automobile accidents may be more frequent. Furthermore, vehicles burn unnecessary fuel when stuck at idle. A period of extreme traffic congestion is known as a traffic jam."

meaning derived from

Well, today, or rather yesterday, while my brother, my mom and I were taking our dog (who needed immediate medical surgery cause of a broken hind limb) to the hospital, we were treated to the worst possible traffic jams in the history of our lives.

Ever since I've been born, or rather, since I've been riding a bike around town, have I ever come across so many traffic jams. We got stuck in nearly 7 of them and traveling 45 kilometers just adds to the agony. Anyways, it was rather odd that we should be treated to so many of them on one day, but hell, I pity my dog. Instead of reaching the hospital at 9:00 am, although we left in time for that to happen, we only made it there by 11:30.

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