Saturday, February 26, 2005


smok·er (smō'kər) n.
One who smokes tobacco.
A device, such as a stove, that emits smoke.
A smoking car.
An informal social gathering for men.

meaning derived from

Smokers can be annoying at times. They just seem not to care if there's a non-smoker in their presence and just seem to go on about their business without even bothering or caring enough to ask the non-smoker if he/she minds them smoking around them. Well, if that didn't make any sense, to put it mildy, smokers are just rude when it comes to etiquette. I mean don't they care for the other's who don't smoke? Not everyone in a friends circle smokes you know. So when two or three of the "friends" decide to light up, the non-smokers engaged in the conversation are left passively smoking, even if they don't like it.

From what I've heard, passive smoking can be worse than smoking itself. Taking a cue from that, if I were any smarter, I would have banished all the friends I have (considering everyone of them smokes) and would have moved on to be a hermit or something. Yesterday, for instance, I had enough of all the smoke being blown into my face. I mean give me a break, if I really needed to have that much smoke surround me, I'd take a nice long ride down Bannergatta Road for calling out where the pollution levels mind you, are soaring.

So, from whatever I've said above, I think its already understood that I hate smokers and they piss me off, at times atleast.


Anonymous said...

hmm. just have one thing to say.. maybe u could tell these "smokers" not to smoke when u r around..or better still..maybe YOU should QUIT hanging around them. that will solve YOUR sure your friends who smoke wont have a prob coz they will be too busy smoking(?!!) instead of being concerned abt their friends who dont smoke. The last i heard.. people don need somebody elses perm to smoke...

Dr. Pissed said...

True true my friend, which is why i said in my post, I cant seem to stop myself from being around them, but then again, people dont need anyone's perm to be pissed off about something on a particular day either eh?