Saturday, March 19, 2005

Angry Dogs

I just hate stupid angry dogs. I mean, dont get me wrong and stuff, I am an animal lover. I have 3 dogs at home itself. But there are these few dogs that piss me off. Mainly those mongrels. Now, I dont hate them cause they are mongrels or street dogs or anything. But the ones that go after the bikes and cars when they pass by are really pissing off.

I can recall quite a few incidents like this. For once, there was this time when I was returning home after gaming till about 11:30 in the night. Now, I expected a smooth ride back home, but with the troubling and tormenting roads that I have to travel on, it was anything but that. None the less, when I almost reached home, taking the last left turn that I had to before reaching home, there was this dog that started chasing me. Now, me being all courageous and stuff, I stopped the bike, hoping that me stopping the bike would frighten the dog and it would give up and run away. But this mother fucker was adament. He just stood there and showed me his teeth, continuously growling at me. Then, to make matters worse, two of his friends joined him as well. So there I was, standing in the middle of the road, with my bike stationery, with three dogs growling at me. Every move I tried to make was countered by a small nudge forward by the three dogs with more growling. With a burst of courage, I cut gears and sped away. But let me tell you, I shat my load that day. I mean it was really frightening and thus, those stupid dogs piss me off.

My only caution to everyone coming to my house in the night. BEWARE OF THEM RABID DOGS. They are bound to go after you. None the less, they piss me off.


The Dalda said...

i know wat u mean. i esp hate the dog that stay on the end of u'r road that chased my car the other nite. gonna fukkin shoot meneka gandhi and all the animal shelters.

Dr. Pissed said...

thats the same bitch ass dog i am talking about..