Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fat-headed Shopkeeper

(shŏp''pər) pronunciation

One who owns or manages a shop.

meaning derived from www.answers.com

Ever met a shop keeper who's pissed you off? I am sure that each and everyone in this world has met one shop keeper or the other who's really pissed them off, so I can feel safe in knowing that I am not the only victim..

None the less, today I went out to purchase a few electronics in one of those market places about 20 km away from home. Not that the trip till there was agonising, but once we got there, almost nobody had what we wanted. It was really pissing off to see so many shops with so many different products, but with not a single shop keeper having the electronic item that I needed.

Anyways, when we went to one such shop, I saw this really short lil` dick behind the counter. At first glance itself, I knew that the prick was a shrewd cunning mother fucker. When I asked him if he sold what I needed at his shop, he threw his head back, as if to indicate how stupid my question was and then looked at the shop keeper opposite to him and threw in a laugh.

Being the short-tempered person that I am, i snapped back at him and it soon grew into an argument. Now, i am not going to explain what really happened there, but rest assured, that bitch pissed me off for no fault of mine..

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