Friday, March 25, 2005

Mozilla Firefox + Blogger = Not Happening

Firefox is a web browser, which is part of the open-source Mozilla project. One of the most popular browsers, after Internet Explorer, its 1.0 preview version was released in September, 2004. Firefox comes with a built-in popup blocker, and allows the user to install a variety of plug-ins created by other users.

A person who writes Weblogs. See
(Blogger) A Web site from, Ltd., San Francisco, CA ( that provides the tools for creating blogs (Weblogs). After creating a template with your look and feel or selecting from one of several pre-designed ones, every posting entered on the Blogger site is published to the Blogger page on your Web site automatically. The page can also be maintained on's server either supported by ads or for a fee. In early 2003, Google acquired Blogger. See

Dont get me wrong now, I am a hardcore fan of anything that can replace IE. I mean, i tire of IE and having used this browser for so many years, love the change and concept that comes with Firefox. But let me be honest with you guys. Mozilla Firefox and Blogger just don't go hand in hand no more. Or maybe its my darn internet connection that I keep complaining about. But whatever it is, the problem keeps coming back and that too only while using Firefox.

Until recently, I was using Firefox flawlessly to keep my blog up-to-date and stuff. But then I ran into my first problem. The rich text editor did not show up in Firefox but seemed to work fine in IE. I intimidated Blogger about this issue and I've already posted once about the same on this blog.

None the less, it happened again today. While using Firefox (minus the rich text editor cause I liked it so much) my blog just failed to upload the new post that I was so desperately trying to put up. It just wouldnt budge. I took a screenshot and posted it up as the link image just to show you guys what was really happening. Although my screen reads, Uploading.. nothing was happening. It kept refreshing and getting stuck at 0%.

Now, although I am not a huge fan of IE, my first attempt at updating the blog with the new post with IE happened without any glitches. Having to wait and watch that screen refresh to the same old page of 0% was really pissing off and at 12:30 in the morning, let me tell you, that can be twice as bad.


The Dalda said...

i have expirienced the same problem. but my blog usually updates but is not displayed. sad.

liz said...

My sister is forever crusading for Firefox, whenever I am home she makes sure I am using it. But I couldnt care less.