Saturday, March 05, 2005

Television Interruption

tel·e·vi·sion (tĕl'ə-vĭzh'ən) n.
The transmission of visual images of moving and stationary objects, generally with accompanying sound, as electromagnetic waves and the reconversion of received waves into visual images.
An electronic apparatus that receives electromagnetic waves and displays the reconverted images on a screen.
The integrated audible and visible content of the electromagnetic waves received and converted by such an apparatus.
The industry of producing and broadcasting television programs.

A cessation of continuity or regularity:
break, discontinuance, discontinuation, discontinuity, disruption, pause, suspension. See continue/stop/pause.

meanings derived from

Now I am sucker for television. Been watching truck loads of it lately, since I have nothing better to do for the better half of the day. Anyways, it can get very very annoying when there's a break in the signal while your watching an awesome program on Discovery or Star Sports or Star World for that matter of fact. I mean bad luck always seem to be on my side when I am watching something very interesting. Not to forget watching the Simpsons and Who's Line is it Anyway.

I can recall so many instances when its happened. Like for instance, when I sit down to watch the F1 races on alternative weekends, this is what happens. Chris Goodwin says "..and the five lights go off and the Australian Grand Prix is on it way .." and *booooooop*, the power goes off or the damm cable transmission switches off for some odd reason. I can distinctly recall this happening to me more than 4 times while watching 4 different races last year around.

Even today, as a proud Indian, I wanted to watch Narain Karthekeyan (if thats how you spell his name) make his debut at the Australian Grand Prix First Qualifer, and guess what, the fucking transmission is switched off excatly when he gets on track to do his warm up lap. Give me a fucking break man .. Fucking shit!!

Anyways, television interruptions can be very very pissing off. I just hate it when it happens.

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