Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Barking Dogs

Oh man, remember I mentioned earlier on this blog about a dog that always chases me around? Today, I had to pick up some stuff from my neighbours house and he has a dog called "Ronnie". Fucking Ronnie is a mother fuckin` lil twit. He's one of those wicked lil` bastards who likes stealth and shit. The fucker always barks at me when I pass by their house to get to my place. Like everyday, he'd be waiting on the stairs for me to pass and he'll just bark his ass off as soon as I pass him by. Now, i aint no fool, but given the chance, I am sure he'll chew my hand off, or for that matter of fact, my balls off.

Today, while waiting for my neighbour to come out and give me whatever he had to give me, the dog was, for some odd reason, confined on the terrace. That lil` ronnie was staring at me from the terrace and barking at me throughout the time that I stood out there, waiting. I looked at him just once and I knew for a fact that he was pissed off with me. The best part is, I've done nothing wrong to him over the past year or two since he's arrived. Oddly enough, he has this hatred only towards me and I know this for a fact cause there are a few cops that patrol the area after dark and they convey from place to place on a bike similar to mine. This ronnie, mother fucker that he is, doesnt bark at them at all. He just sits there and watches them. But then again, he goes berserk when I pass..

Fucking chooth pisses me off. Ronnie you lil` twit. I am going to shoot you down one of these days. Borrow my friends rifle or something and gun you down, you bastard you..

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