Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nosey Twits

I hate people who are nosey and cant mind their own business.

I was out today when I happened to stumble upon a few kids (read: my previous post) who were sitting across the table from us while having lunch. Now, if i were them, I'd mind my own business and let everyone around me have their peace.

But these dumbfucks managed to piss me off. They were sitting over there and quite obviously pointing at me and laughing about something. Now, there must be something terribly wrong with the way I looked today or something like that cause I dont see the reason why they had to point and laugh at me. Being the man I am, i started to stare back at them, not caring much about what my friend had to say about the situation who was eating lunch with me by the way. They got the message I am guessing cause they stopped immediately and got about eating their burgers without bothering me.

I dont quite know if i can call them "Nosey Twits" but they pissed me off. Fucking chooths!

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