Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fruit Flies

fruit flyn.Any of various small flies of the family Drosophilidae, having larvae that feed on ripening or fermenting fruits and vegetables, especially the common species Drosophila melanogaster often used in genetic research. Also called pomace fly, vinegar fly.Any of various flies of the family Tephritidae, having larvae that hatch in and damage plant tissue.

meaning dervied from

Oh man, do fruit flies piss me off. Actually, I need to confess something here. Make that two things. First of all, I didnt know that the flies that I wanted to post here today were called fruit flies. Secondly, they didnt really piss me off today, but I saw a whole bunch of them and with the summer around the corner, I am pretty sure they are going to be contributing a shit load to pissing me off.

Anyways, fruit flies generally piss me off. Although I can most certainly say that there were many other things that pissed me off today, I'd much rather not post about it online cause I kinda want to 'forgive and forget' about it all. But fruit flies are pests. You cant really forget about them. They are everywhere. Most importantly, bugging me. They generally piss me off cause of the way they look and 'buzz around'.

They piss me off and I cant stand them. Wish there were something that I could use on them, like HIT or something..

[P.S: One of my fav blogs online - I Hate My Flat Mate Blog has apparently shut shop cause the dood moved out of his house. As an ode to the person, I intend on creating images with text from this day onwards. Inspiration all the way]

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