Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bad Hair Days

Everyone's had a bad hair day, right?

Well, this morning, i woke up sometime at around 8:30 after playing Fifa 2005 until 4:30 in the morning and I had to rush to meet up with someone. Hense, I quickly rushed into the bathroom to take a quick bath and leave. After having finished my bath, I dried my hair, wiped it, did the normal shit that I do everyday and then walked up to the mirror to try and comb it.

"Agastttttttt!! What the fuck just happened to my hair", exclaimed I. Fuck, my hair was all fucked up and shit. I mean, no matter how much I tried, it just wouldnt sit right. I mean, I cant explain it any better and I am sure that candy ass bitch from the Hindu would love to jump at the opportunity and use me as a reason as to why blogging is meant only for women, but FUCK YOU, this is the best I can do. So as i was saying, my hair wouldnt sit right .. Although I had the wonder potion around (read: Livon Hair Oil), I didnt have to use it on other days even cause my hair used to sit right. But now, suddenly, it just wouldnt budge.

So there I was, facing my first bad hair day and I hated it. For once, something within me itself has managed to piss me off. Dont get me wrong now. I love my long curly hair when it gets all the attention it deserves from passerby's and shit, but today was just such a piss off.

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