Wednesday, March 23, 2005


('bē, nyū'-) pronunciation
n. Slang.

One that is new to something, especially a novice at using computer technology or the Internet.

meaning derived from

Not that the image is any kind of indication of what I am talking about, but I just hate newbies. Not really, but I hate the dumb ones who cant understand or follow simple instructions. They piss me off, not to forget, jeopardise the entire team's position of winning the game.

Today, while we were at a skillful game of CS at my friends cafe, we were made to team up with an utter newbie who's like played CS maybe 10 times before. All we told him was to guard Site A sitting in short. Little did we know, he couldn't comprehend the English language. Now, we were kind enough to ask him if he knew where Site A was and he politely replied telling us that he did know where he was. Just for precautionary measures, we asked him to follow a team mate of ours to short, just so that he wouldn't mess up and run all over the map.

Contrary to our beliefs, he did just that. As soon as the first round got over, the dood was all over the map. In the second round, he was spotted running through the B Tunnels, right across the T spawn and then finding the rest of the T's camping outside A Long near the doors in Dust2. Needless to say, he didn't get a single person or fragged anyone throughout the game. Kinda annoying, but all we asked him to do was sit in short and guard it. That's it.

Was that too much to ask? I say not! That's why I am pissed off. Not cause he didn't know how to play the game, but cause he couldn't understand 'simple English'. Noobs as they are popularly referred to as, piss me off.

[P.S: The image is of one Ola Moum, who responds to the call sign "eLement" who is considered, by far, one of the best CS players in the world. I've just put his picture here to piss my friend off a lil`]

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The Dalda said...

hmm. thought u quit CS! liar cocky bitch!