Sunday, March 13, 2005

Devotional Songs

Deviotional Songs piss me off
Now I am not trying to sound blasphemous or anything, but it gets kinda pissing off when you have these temples that blast devotional songs way too early in the morning.
I mean, come on man. I know your playing it for the gods and stuff and I know your under the impression that the GODS are way up there in the heavens and need to hear you play your music and thus you play it out loud, but for heaven's sake, its 5:00 in the morning. Other people are sleeping.

Thats what I dont understand though. What the fuck is the guy at the temple thinking about when he does what he does every morning. I mean, doesnt he realize what he's doing or does it do it for sheer joy and thrill of it .. Or maybe there's a supernatural explanation to it all? I dont give a fuck though. I couldnt care less. All i could care for is my sleep which is being disturbed by this guy from the temple who plays his music really loud.

Now, you guys could blame me for not making an attempt to go and speak to the dood. But I have. It hasnt worked. He just goes on and on and on and on.. And it really pisses me off. Maybe its time he found himself a set of earphones or earplugs as they are called.

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