Sunday, March 06, 2005


spam·mer noun
Main Entry: spam
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): spammed; spamming
transitive verb : to send spam to
intransitive senses : to send spam-

meaning derived from

Fucking shit. I hate spammers. Mail spammers, forum spammers, every single one of them. They just piss me off.

Why the fuck would anyone want to keep posting totally uninteresting stuff on forums over and over again, other than the obvious reason - to piss me off. I mean, cant they find anything better to do than to fucking sit their asses down and spam? I know a lot of you can argue by saying, "what the fuck is this guy talking about. I mean he has a blog for calling out loud and he's complaning about writing totally uninteresting things". My only answer to everyone of you thinking just that right now would be - "Yes, stick your finger up your ass and drink pink raspberry juice for all I care."

Although that makes no sense at all, I'd like to personally remind myself that I hate spammer, each and everyone of them. They make no sense and waste other people's time. Piss off's.

For those of you interested, take the "Am I a Spammer" test.

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