Sunday, March 27, 2005

Technical Support

Oh fuck, do these guys at the Technical Support of my mobile phone service piss me off or what?

I mean, give me a break dood. Let me tell you guys what really happened.
Quite a few days back I saw this ad in the papers about how my service provider respected their customers and how they'd go all out to help their customers with anything they needed. So, today, I woke up in the morning to the sound of a message in my inbox on the phone. Arguably, I was pretty pissed off by that itself, but then once I opened my eyes and checked the message, it was from my service provider informing me about some new scheme that they launched. Now, if that should piss me off, 4 minutes later, while I was lounging around, watching TV, I get another message and this time my service provider was telling me that I could download the latest tunes from Rani Mukerjee's latest movie because its her birthday in 2 days or so and that I should celebrate her birthday by downloading ringtones or some crap like that.

Now, I rememebered about that ad that came in the paper about solicitation and stuff like that and called them up. I was greeted by a profusely dumb male voice on the other end of the line. Upon hearing him speak his first greeting sentence itself, I knew he's a dumb fuck and he wouldnt understand a word I said. None the less, i attempted the impossible, to make him understand that I wanted to stop getting these stupid spam messages that have been bothering me from time to time over the past 4 years since I've connected with my service provider.

He tells me to look up some options which don't exist on my phone. I told him that those options didnt exist on my phone to which he replies telling me that "it should sir, there is no way that it cannot exist sir. You are not looking properly". So I was like, give me a minute. I'll check again and call you back and I asked him for his name and disconnected the line. I checked for a second time and didnt find anything remotely close to the options he had mentioned. So i called back the support number and asked for him. They connected me to him and I repeated the same thing I had told him earlier, that the options didnt exist on my phone. [note this is where I get really pissed off cause I've been made to wait for 4 minutes on hold and also to call him back] He replies saying "I am sorry, but there is nothing that I can do about it.". So i said, can I speak to your supervisor then? Maybe he can help me.. He says, "no you cant. We cant help you. Have a nice day"

I mean, what the fuck, mother fucker. First they swindle me of 120 bucks on every recharge coupon that I purchase as part of a service charge and then this? That mother fucker of a representative pissed me off shit loads and I cant even begin to imagine what I am going to do to that mother fuck. I am going to go visit a shop tomorrow and sort this out. But he's pissed me off enough to last me a week.

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