Friday, March 18, 2005

Bad Journalism

I come from the media background. I mean, I have attended college and secured a degree in Communicative English (not that my spellings would indicate of anything remotely close), but we've been taught about the good and the bad's of journalism in college.

Apparently, a truck load of journalists out there, havent. Now, its one thing to fabricate a story rigth from scratch and write shit loads on the topic without any facts or figures, but its worse to just sit there and churn out stupid articles with no value, loaded with enough of bullshit to piss you off. I am talking about the journalists who cant go out there and find interesting things to write about, but instead, choose the easier way out and just bullshit in their articles.

The other day, my friend was telling me that he read this one article in a local paper that had something to do with blogging and the lady who apparently did the article, proclaimed that blogging was only for women. Now, I, a regular blogger with interests for blogging vested deep within me for my own personal reasons, blog on a day to day basis. And I, my friend, happen to be a guy! Now what the fuck does she mean by saying that blogging is just meant for women, when I am a guy, blogging on a regular basis. I know several other people on blogger, who happen to be guys as well and I dont think there's anything wrong in what we're doing. Its just human to blog.

The main reason why I am so pissed off with bad journalists is cause first of all she proclaimes a whole bunch of bullshit and then she makes it sound like if a guy is blogging, then its bad, which is fucking wrong. I've read several other stories of bad journalism and I am sure everyone's had their share of the bad writeups. Bad journalism pisses me off..


The Dalda said...

yay! atleast some1 agrees with my thought.

The Dalda said...

btw, that bimbo's name is hemangini gupta or somethin. :p