Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fake Beggars

beg·gar (bĕg'ər) pronunciation
  1. One who solicits alms for a living.
  2. An impoverished person; a pauper.
  3. Informal. A man or a boy.
meaning derived from www.answers.com

Fuck, I am so bloody pissed off today. I just hate it when people lie or fake stuff. I mean what the fuck. Why cant people just be honest?

Today, while coming back home after playing a nice long game of basketball and following that up with some computer gaming at my friend's cafe, I had to stop at a traffic signal. Now, I am the generous types and dont mind parting with a lil` money once in a while when I see an old beggar who cant work his way out his troubles. I kinda help by giving them money or if I am not on my bike, would rather buy them some food. I keep away from those stupid ladies pretending to be pregnant with a new born in the arms. I hate giving money away to those kinda people. But today, I saw something that totally pissed me off.

There was this one dood who came up to me and several other people and pretended to be nuts. He was making all vague noises like he were a kid or something. Imagine that, a fully grown man, making sounds of a small 2 year old kid. Now, one glance at him and you'll immediately feel bad for the dood and you'll reach right in your pockets and give him money. But something didnt feel right when I saw him and I refused to part with any money that I had. So he just went on making those noises and acting stupid and retarded. The signal turned green and I took off, only to realize that I had to fill gas. So I turned around, took a U-Turn and headed back to fill gas at the gas station that was a the corner of the very signal i was waiting at.

So, I filled gas and then headed back to the signal to wait my turn. It was pretty late now. Something like 10:20 pm or so in the night. Suddenly, I heard this whistle from somewhere to my left. That dood who was pretending to be retarted and mad and stuff immediately on hearing that whistle, walks normally and stops doing all the shit he was doing and heads out to meet up with his friend. All of a sudden, every ailment that he was suffering from seemed to have vanished and he was mighty fine. Let alone making all those stupid noises that he was trying to put on.

The mother fucker was pretending to be retarded. What a chooth eh? I wonder how many people he's swindled just that way. Fuck, i hate these fakers. They really piss me off.

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