Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stupid Dumb Tall Basketball Player

Well, today was kinda pissing off, but for the most part of the day, i was having a blast.
I started playing basketball again, after a nice long break from the game for more than 4 years now. I hadn't touched a basketball for 4 years and decided that I'd go and try my hand at the game and see how well I matched up with the guys who play regularly.

Anyways, I can't really speak much about the game, but I was having fun. I kinda hurt my left index finger and it stings a lot. But something pissed me off even more today. There was this tall annoying dickhead of a guy. He like started playing basketball sometime last year apparently according to my friends who have been regulars all their lives. Anyways, this dood has such a big ego about his game and he thinks he's the best there is to offer in terms of talent. Needless to say, I was guarding him and this once, he commited a violation (he took a step before dribbling the ball) and I called it and he turns to me and says "You'd much rather be playing the game than watching my legs" .. What a mother fucker. I retaliated by saying "yeah how about it panzy. Atleast I know I wont be playing the panzy game that you are at for the last year or so for the rest of my life" and I just stared at him. Being the panzy dick that he was, he asked someone else to guard me. Muahahahahaha

Anyways, tall-annoying-mother-fucking-no-good-piece-of-shit basketball players piss me off.
Btw, i am tall too.

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The Dalda said...

whoa. guess its not long before u get to post abt u'rself here. btw, where my post?