Monday, March 07, 2005

Summer Heat

Well, the summer heat pisses me off. I love bangalore and shit and I think its the best bloody city in the world, but I goto be honest, the weather can be pretty odd here. I mean, during the rest of the year (read: not summer), its awesome to be in Bangalore. I love the rains, the spring and everything. But come summer and the bloody place gets so damm hot and humid. I mean, it got so bloody hot today that I had my whole back wet when i got back home from a shopping session with my brother for his house tiles. Fucking hot..

Its so hot and so pissing off that I am even willing to forego my initial idea of having b&w images only on my blog to show you guys how it felt today.

This summer heat is pissing me off..
I need to find me some water.

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