Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Combination of things

Well, quite ironically, a combination of things actually pissed me off today

First of all, firefox. Now the browser is just awesome. I love it. I've been using it for quite sometime now and it just made me happy with all the small plugins and themes that I could so freely use whenever I needed to. Everything made me happy about Firefox until recently when I needed to update this blog. Everytime I tried to use firefox to post here, the Rich Text Editor (as coined by the fine folks at just failed to load. Now, I've tried several things and the guys over at the Support Desk at have been really helpful and all, but the problem just aint resolving, no matter what I do.

The main reason I switched over to Firefox from IE was cause of the reliability and resourcefulness of the browser, which in my opinion was complete. Now, because of that problem, I am forced to revert back to IE, where btw, the Rich Text Editor loads almost flawlessly.

Secondly, using IE can be such a pain. None the less, while uploading one of the posts recently, the damm thing crashed and failed to upload. Now anyone will tell you, after typing quite a bit, having to loose the text and having to type the whole thing over again can be such a pain, when you least expect it.

So, all the problems I am facing keeping this blog updated is pissing me off. Its just short-term though, I hope atleast.

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