Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Stop Sign

stop sign
A stop sign is a traffic sign found all over the world that informs drivers to make a brief and temporary, but complete, stop once approaching it, then proceed if the way is clear.

meaning derived from www.answers.com

From the meaning specified up there, i assume its understood that when you see a stop sign, you fucking stop. Not ride a few meters ahead of the stop sign or over and across the white line drawn to indicate where your supposed to come to halt. None the less, there are a few nitwits in this world who just dont seem to understand that general rule.

Today, while returning home from a very tiring game of basketball, I encountered one such dickhead. He was an Auto Driver, needless to say, he managed to piss me off with his stupidity. Now, hear me out. We were made to wait at the junction for more than 9 minutes and when we get a green signal from the cop to proceed, this dumbfuck of a guy has parked his lazy ass auto rickshaw excatly at the turning radius of our vehicles, making it almost impossible to navigate that turn. And the mother fucker has no cause for concern even, considering that so many people are 'thupping' at him, he doesnt move an inch. Just parks his ass there and stares at everyone.

When i passed him by, I abused the shit out of him and having no dignity at all, he just nodded his head and indicated to me to move on. The audocity of the man!!

Anyways, he pissed me off. BIG TIME.

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The Dalda said...

dude. this syndrome is called "ROAD RAGE". this does not lie with the auto driver but with you. the auto driver was intelligent enuff not to speak with u considerin the fact that a huge part of the nation travels by auto rickshaws everyday (ans i suppose u've ridden in one too), he just kept silent. GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.

p.s. u would have got pissed off if a butterfly had passed through u'r line of vision. sad ba.