Sunday, March 27, 2005


(brāk'doun') pronunciation
    1. The act or process of failing to function or continue.
    2. The condition resulting from this: a breakdown in communication.
  1. Electricity. The abrupt failure of an insulator or insulating medium to restrict the flow of current.
  2. A typically sudden collapse in physical or mental health.
  3. An analysis, an outline, or a summary consisting of itemized data or essentials.
  4. Disintegration or decomposition into parts or elements.
  5. A noisy, energetic American country dance.
meaning derived from

I've had one breakdown too many. I purchased my bike some 5 years ago and I must compliment it for the service it has rendered to me for all these years. But today, I did get kinda pissed off. But then again, it's not really my bike's fault. I had a flat tyre and it took me quite a while to get it fixed. First of all, I had to push it quite a bit to get it to the vulcanising shop and then I had to wait for him to check how badly the tyre was damanged and then to get it fixed..

Man, trust me, when your in a hurry and you have a flat in the middle of Bannergatta Road, it can get very very pissing off. Sorry bike, but i love you loads as well.

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