Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cab Drivers

Oh man, have cab drivers begun to piss me off or what .. Geez!

Well, today, unlike many days, the first half of the day went on pretty damm well. But then, just when I thought i'd get back home and put a smiley on my blog and say - "hey, nothing pissed me off today", just then did a stupid twit of a driver happen to spoil my ride back home. I mean what the fuck! And moreover, i have nothing but the Call Center Industry to blame. Fucking, one more reason to hate them call centers.

It all started way back in the year 2001 when the first call center was setup in Bangalore. I was working with back then and there was this company called "24/7" which was practically the first call center to come around in Bangalore. Now I cannot assure you of the validity of what I've just said, but it doesnt matter. The problem started then none the less. Now, the call centers in bangalore usually worked during the nights which meant that most of the employees would need conveyance to travel to and from the company. So the companies hired out travel agencies to provide transport for their employees. Now as pressures mounted, these stupid fucking drivers started driving even worse than they did when they worked only for the travel agency.

These guys have no respect for the rules that are to be followed while driving on a road. They dont even give a damm if you are on the same road as them. For all you know, they'd not mind running you down even. But then again, I cant really blame them cause they are working, much like the rest of us, for their bread and butter. But that doesnt stop them from PISSING ME OFF. Their skills on the road and the method that they employ to travel from one place to another can be really pissing off to the others commuting on the same road.

Thus, these stupid cab drivers piss me off. Not all of them .. but esp the one's who are hired for call center ferrying.

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