Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Charging Cows Seldom Miss

Among other animals that have recently managed to piss me off, today I feature - The Cow. Atleast, the Indian Cow at that..

Now, although these animals are relatively peaceful beings, put them on the field around the bastketball court which is adjacent to the football field and also has a small seating area where truck loads of 19 year old meet up every evening to smoke some pot and they can be very violent.

While I was busy at my game of basketball, I noticed a cow which was acting rather strange and fierce. When the ball went dashing outside the court, one of us had to go and get it. Now as the ball went towards the fence at great velocity, it managed to catch the eye of the cow and she began approaching the ball, all ready to jab its horns into it. Being the most courageous 22 year old basketball players that we all were, none of us volunteered to go and get the ball. Thus, we lost nearly 30 minutes of game play cause we had to wait for the fucked up cow to walk away from the ball so that one of us could go and get it.

The main reason none of us made that illusive move to go and fetch the ball was because in the past, that cows ancestors have charged quite a few of our friends who've had to run for their lives and then to be left embarrassed by the situation for life, like a scar!

Anyways, cows around the basketball court piss me off. They charge and also manage quite a bit of dung near the sidelines which can be very pissing off, should one step into a cake..

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The Dalda said...

i dont give a damn, COWS ROCK HARD!